McVision – 3D Inspection system

Effective inspection and quality control are becoming increasingly difficult tasks in modern industrial processes where complex designs dictate a large number of required sub-assemblies and involved assembly techniques. McVision, the total inspection solution from OVST, enables manufacturers to run complex processes at production volumes in a hands-off manner with every sub-assembly rigorously inspected. 

Designed from the outset to be usable by assembly line maintenance staff, the system combines OVST proprietary software development with an industry-leading image processing engine to provide a best in class multi-camera inspection system that is as reliable as it is user-friendly.


• Multiple grey-scale cameras, configurable as required.

• Easy to use, no programming required.

• Comprehensive log facilities to monitor system performance.

• SPC (Statistic Process Control) utilities built in.

• Wide range of image-processing tools and algorithms available.

• Compatible with a wide range of communication interfaces: Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, RS232 etc.

McVision: 3D Inspection Compatible

Accurate 3D scans can be rotated and manipulated into any position by the user, aiding troubleshooting and fault detection on the production line. OVST McVision 3D utilises cutting-edge laser displacement technology to provide full inspection of complex parts in 3D with the same user-friendly GUI, drag-and-drop vision tools and cutting-edge performance of McVision.

McVision is compatible with our Statistic Process Control package, generating insightful reports and allowing data to be exported in useful formats such as .csv. All data produced can also be automatically stored on a cloud database using the services of our cloud partner Witly, making your production IIoT ready and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of built in failure trend analysis facilitating your process improvement efforts.

McVision: IIoT and Universal Robot® Compatible

McVision can use for various industrial and easy to integrate with universal robot and IoT technology.

McVision with Universal Robot

McVision is fully integrated with Universal Robot®, enabling the development of more complex inspection tasks such as robotic 3D inspection of randomly orientated components all integrated under one software package. Our machine vision solutions have been developed to integrate with Universal Robot. All OVST software can be controlled from the teach pendant from a user-friendly interface that is integrated directly at operating system level.