2014 a great year for Oxford Vision& Sensor Technology Ltd (OVST)

December 2014

OVST thanks all its customer, suppliers and staff who have made 2015 such a successful year.
Systems have been supplied to Europe's leading automobile manufacturers for guiding assembly robots, verifying VIN (vehicle identification numbers), inspecting components and checking dimensional integrity.

In 2014 we launched the:

    MAX-VisionSensor combining 3 optical location methods in one camera.

    Graphite an easily configurable software package for component inspection.
The software also allows interfacing to the majority of field bus systems for easy installation in industrial environments

    OVST-Controller A kiosk with a 19" touchscreen display for controlling OVST systems.

We installed a number of Mapvision Quality Gate system for inspection of welded sub-frames and complete car underbodies.

2014 also saw the expansion of our development and installation teams

2015 will see the launch of further new products, interesting new inspection challenges and further planned expansion.

Anthony Williams